u Ann Ely-Rudolph specializes in customized etiquette and international protocol seminars for corporations, small groups and busy executives. Rudolph also develops special programs for children and teens.

Her warm and humorous speaking engagements are filled with the latest tips on how to be successful in today’s competitive world, at home and abroad.  Internal and external corporate communications can make or break a good company.  Trained at the Protocol School of Washington, Rudolph has helped businesses, government and organizations succeed for sixteen years.

“Being successful in business is not just dressing for success, but knowing when to bow, kiss, or shake hands.” Good manners can be the secret weapon in your competitive arsenal. “All else being equal, personal relations and good communication will help you close the deal.”

For international state dinners, corporate meetings or prominent weddings, Rudolph consults with the host before the event and is available at the venue to be sure that proper etiquette and protocol ease the way to a successful affair.

Rudolph shares tips and offers advice to radio and television audiences and is featured in newspapers and magazines.

To view Ms. Rudolph's video that aired on Fox News as she is teaching her World Class Etiquette CampSM, Please click here.

“Dining Etiquette Article” on the December issue of Carolina Parent.



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