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Keynote Speaker - Good manners are learned through education, training and exposure to the sophisticated business and social settings that often define today’s workplace. Enlighten your associates with this wonderful, entertaining, and much appreciated learning experience. Lu Ann Ely-Rudolph presents energetic and informative presentations for local, regional and national conferences, company meetings, professional organizations, and to groups and individuals interested in being on the cutting edge of business and society at home and overseas.  Topics >>

Business Etiquette - In this fiercely competitive business arena, etiquette is just another tool to give you the extra edge that will make the difference between you and the other person who is just as smart. A customized presentation will prepare your company or organization to stand out and excel against the competition. All materials are customized to address your needs. Topics >>

Dining Tutorials for the Professional – Savvy dining skills play a major role in the business arena today. Top management will take potential front line employees to lunch or dinner to observe their comfort level with executives, spouses, wait staff and of course the handling of silverware. Good table manners are equated with competence. This seminar gives employees the confidence that they will know what to do being seated with their peers, potential employers or the company CEO. Topics covered for this 2 hour seminar >>

Personal Coaching - Coaching is private, customized and confidential. Clients will save valuable time, feel at ease, and focus on chosen aspects of etiquette and protocol. To save valuable time, coaching is provided at the client's office. Topics >>

International Protocol – Kiss, bow or shake hands – learn the nuances of successfully conducting business abroad and hosting your international clients in the USA. The client determines which country’s etiquette and protocol to master; a customized program will provide confidence in dealing in that country’s social and business settings. Topics >>

Prepare to ImpressThe InterviewSM – This 2 hour seminar focuses on one of the most important conversations you will ever have –The Interview. Whether seeking a job or a promotion, an applicant must have excellent interviewing knowledge and follow through. Topics covered  are: First Impressions, Dressing to Impress, What to Bring to an Interview, Good Business Etiquette, Making the Interviewers Job Easy and What to Do After the Interview.

Children’s Etiquette (Ages 7-12) and Teen Etiquette (Ages 13-18) – Polished manners and suburb life skills play an essential role in the bright future we envision for our children. Today’s children and teenagers travel, interview for schools and summer jobs. They are frequent guests at formal functions and in the homes of friends and family. These thorough and informative training programs prepare children for the future, giving them confidence to feel comfortable in the situations they encounter in today’s world. Ms. Rudolph believes that if they know the right thing to do, they will do the right thing. Topics >>

Dining Tutorials for Children and Teens – This interactive program instills confidence in children and teens when dining with friends, family and their guests in casual and formal settings. This tutorial offers instruction on all aspects of dining over a multi-course meal. Topics covered for this 2 hour seminar >>

Afternoon Tea – Afternoon tea is a cherished ritual around the world both professionally and socially. This delightful program discusses the history and customs of tea, setting the proper table, guest and host duties, appropriate attire, the necessary equipment, serving and being served and the party-proper foods. A perfect Mother/Daughter Event. Participants will receive a brochure designed especially for them.





Fox 8
To view Ms. Rudolph's video that aired on Fox News as she is teaching her World Class Etiquette CampSM, Please click here.


 All programs are tailored specifically for the client needs.  Please contact for a quote.



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